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About Re:Animate

About Me

I am Daniel Werner - currently living in Munich. My creative journey began at 14 with songwriting and painting, eventually leading me to Communication Design at Hochschule München. Post-college, I worked as a graphic designer and built a home studio for my art and music, prompting the need to refresh my outdated portfolio. 

Since September 2022, I have been passionately serving as an Art Director at Territory GmbH, with a primary focus on motion design. I find this role to be a perfect synergy of my interests and skills, allowing me to explore the dynamic world of visual storytelling. This experience has deepened my appreciation for the creative processes in both music and design, especially when collaborating with others.

"Re:Animate is a playground to explore ideas using a palette of six colors, a selection of textures, two fonts, and my own music. It served as a digital introduction of myself, while also challenging me to focus on details by limiting my graphic elements. Created over five months alongside my full-time job, this project encouraged openness to new ideas and techniques, often compromised in a professional setting due to time constraints.

I allowed myself the freedom to explore without premature judgment while maintaining a deadline.

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